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Trust your gut again!

Live the life you want, freely, with our natural solutions for digestive health.

Our system for good gut health

1) Food

Nothing helps our gut health more than eating clean and avoiding the bad stuff. So we’ve created gut-friendly recipes, yes-no food posters & more for you.

2) Lifestyle

We can eat like mini Gwyneth Paltrows all day long and not feel better if our lifestyle habits are off. We’ve made the tools you need to live like a digestive angel!

3) Protocols

Some issues, like IBS or SIBO, require more tailored steps to get you back to feeling great. That's where our issue-specific protocols come into play.

About us.

Like you, we've suffered from poor gut health.

We've experienced all the lows. From studying menus for trigger foods like a gastronomic-crazed Sherlock Holmes to cursing 4G speeds as we beg Google Maps to show us "public toilet nearby", we've been there! In fact, across the team we know what it's like to live with almost every issue and just how much it can interrupt our day-to-day lives. Thankfully, our team of dietitians, doctors and scientists have found protocols and products that actually help. And we want to share them with you, because no one should live life as a prisoner of their own gut.

Our Resource Library

Simple Advice That Works

We are drowning in a world of information, with 1,000s of studies, books and websites out there on how to fix our gut health. Most of it is highly technical and hard to understand. Worse yet, much of it is unreferenced, conflicting and/or totally unrealistic for those of us living normal, busy lives. Fortunately, our team have spent years researching what works (and what doesn't) and how to make it easy for people to implement. Armed with our action-oriented and easy-to-follow resources, finally it will all make sense.

Blogger / Copywriter, New York City

Emma McLaren

"I've never felt so good!"

I work as a freelance copywriter for a lifestyle magazine and run a health blog. Sitting at my computer and writing about health all day, I somehow never realized how my own well-being slowly went downhill. Digest Life has helped me learn how to take a proactive approach to my gut health with clean eating ideas and research-supported supplements. I’ve never felt so good!

Your gut's new best friends.

We've created a fun & fast-paced collection of videos on all things gut health related.