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About Us

We're a diverse team of dietitians, doctors, scientists and educators that, like you, have suffered the wrath of the gastrointestinal gods. Digest Life is our way to fight back.

Why we're obsessed.

We've personally experienced just how debilitating poor gut health can be.

We’ve missed important appointments and meetings when our IBS has decided to go full ‘berserker mode’ just as we’re walking out the door.

We’ve chowed down on TUMS (antacid tablets) like candy during dinners with friends in a desperate bid to stop the fiery chunks of reflux levitating up ye olde esophagus (goulash near ended us).

We’ve spent 100s of hours going over restaurant menus like some sort of deranged gastronomic-crazed Sherlock Holmes in a bid to avoid triggering one of many food intolerances.

And we’ve played 2-week long games of ‘Russian toilet roulette’ when traveling and eating abroad. It’s been bad!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably agree that poor gut health is not only inconvenient and physically painful, but it is a true prison for our day-to-day lives.  And to that we say ‘no more’!

Why we get up every day.

To free you of digestive distress, so you can live life to the full!

We have a saying at Digest Life, “Good gut health is freedom”.  That means freedom to eat out, go where you want (without carrying a map of public toilets!), and most of all, freedom to pursue life’s adventures with family & friends.

What’s holding you back from better health?

The biggest thing we hear is ‘information overload’. Which makes sense, since there are literally 1,000s of articles and videos out there on how to fix your gut health, not to mention 100s of technical books and complicated courses.  It can just feel so overwhelming.  Unsurprisingly, gut health ends up on most people’s ‘too hard’ pile.

The next biggest issue is ‘conflicting advice’.  In other words, the minute you think you understand a topic, like the right diet to eat for your digestive symptoms, another resource usually pops up completely contradicting it.  Confused and even demoralized, most of us respond by simply sticking to our existing food and lifestyle habits.

Finally, the third biggest hurdle to better gut health…unrealistic ideas.  You see, if you’re lucky enough to find clear advice, it often ends up being totally unrealistic for those of us living normal busy lives.  For example, who has the time to spend 45 minutes in Wholefoods looking for a dozen unpronounceable ingredients (hello samphire!) for Wednesday night’s dinner?!

Our mission is to simplify gut health for you

In fact, we want to make it effortless for busy people like you.  That means synthesizing all the ideas out there into all-in-one resources (eg summarizing 500 hours of research on IBS into a simple 10-page checklist of practical ideas).  It also means using our team of experts and meta-analysis to put an end to conflicting advice (eg a yes-no food list for SIBO that reconciles the findings of a dozen different resources to deliver clear answers).  And it means sharing the same realistic ideas we use ourselves (eg a 5-ingredient low-FODMAP, gluten-free recipe that takes just 15 minutes to make, and even less time to shop).

What We Believe

1. Food first

Food is and always will be the #1 game changer for gut health. And that's why 99% of our content is focused on how to eat to support a healthy gut & microbiome.

2. Only the best ideas & products

There are 1000s of ideas and 100s of products out there that might help your digestive health. But we only focus on the ones that show the highest efficacy. Plus we perform cost-benefit analysis on every idea so we can prioritize those that are quick, easy and affordable.

3. Research & expertize at our core

In a world awash with unreferenced health information by just about anybody with a keyboard, we believe it is more essential than ever for it to be grounded in research and delivered by experts. That's why every single resource, tool and product we make is scientifically reviewed and fully referenced.

4. No corners cut

Gut health is personal for us. And we want to do everything we can to help you find freedom. That's why we go to such great lengths to create world class resources. It is definitely harder this way. But every single extra step we take is worth it 100 times over.

5. Simple and focused on action

Whilst most experts want to sell you complicated 400+ page books or 10-hour video courses, we want to give you the simple and action-oriented tools you need to actually get things done. From simple 10-page checklists to quick 5-ingredient recipes, we've got you! And because we are genuinely on a mission, all our information is available for free. As it should be.