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About Us

We’re a team of dietitians, doctors and researchers that gets you, because we too have suffered gut health problems.  And so our #1 focus here at Digest Life is how to fix your gut health through diet and lifestyle.

Meet our team

Meet our amazing

Bailey Franzen MS, RDN
Registered Dietitian
Richelle Godwin BS, RDN
Registered Dietitian
Carolyn Quijano MS, RDN
Registered Dietitian
Taylor Johnson MS, RDN
Registered Dietitian

Why gut health?

Apart from our own suffering, there are about 60-70 million more reasons.

Right now in the USA alone, there are about 60-70 million people suffering from some sort of gut health issue.

From chronic bloating to endless constipation, an unhealthy gut can be frustrating to live with.  And in the case of more serious digestive issues like IBS – where unpredictable bowel movements are an almost-daily experience – it can absolutely crush someone’s quality of life.

Sadly, poor gut health can often feel like a life sentence.  Here is how some of our fellow gut health sufferers describe living with poor gut health…

How are we helping?

Diet & lifestyle.

Over the years people have tried to live with their symptoms by using over-the-counter drugs (e.g. Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, Zantac etc) or even stronger prescription medications.  While others have resorted to painfully restrictive diets, which do more harm than good.

But thankfully, the times are changing.

Millions of people are waking up and realizing the only way to truly fix their gut health issues once and for all – and without the side effects – is through a holistic approach of diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

And our expert team of dietitians, doctors and researchers is here to show you exactly how to do that, with fun videos, quick guides and interactive tools for good gut health.

We’ve got you!

What we believe.

1. Food first

Lifestyle changes and smart supplements are helpful.  But food is and always will be the #1 game changer for gut health. And that’s why almost all of our content is focused on how to eat best to support a healthy gut & microbiome.

2. Only the best ideas & products

There are 1000s of ideas and products out there that might help your digestive health. But so many have very little impact, or are simply too time consuming or expensive.  That’s why we focus on finding those that show high efficacy and pass our cost-benefit analysis.  And just as importantly, exposing those that don’t!

3. Well researched & made by experts

In a world awash with poorly referenced health information – often created by people without any experience or credentials – we believe it is more important than ever for it to be grounded in quality research and delivered by experts. And we’re proud to say that every resource, tool and product we make is built by our team of world class health professionals.

4. Simple & focused on action

Everyone is busier than ever.  So we’re obsessed with giving you the simple and action-oriented resources you need to actually get things done. From quick reference checklists to simple 5-ingredient recipes, we’ve got you!

5. Free for everyone

Everyone deserves the right to know how to take the best care of their gut health.  There should be no barriers.  And that’s why all our content is available for free. As it should be.